Oh Amazon…

Today I bought this:

Adopt Without Debt: Creative Ways to Cover the Cost of Adoption

It wasn’t a planned purchase, but I was on Amazon today buying a plush Falcon to use as a traveling journal for my class and noticed that I was eligible for free shipping if my total reached $25.  Well, give me a challenge and I will rise to the occasion.  That and I hate the thought of paying a shipping charge.  It is the year two thousand eleven after all.  So I went tooling around on Amazon, who so kindly gave me some suggestions based on items I had previously looked at on their site.  Lots of things popped up but I was looking for something that I was going to buy regardless.  Ol’ Amazon isn’t going to get me with an impulse buy!    Here are some things Amazon thought I should buy.

6 Pack Coleman Cable 09154 4' Dryer Power Cord Round Four Conductor - 10/4 SRDT 30 AmpAn electrical cord for a dryer

Tuffy's Red Alien Lieutenant Splock

Dog Toy

Stud Finder?  no idea why

Door Stops

God Gave Us You

and several children’s books

Believe it or not I resisted all of the above items.  That dog toy seriously creeps me out and the delivery guys accidentally (?) gave us a new electrical cord for the dryer.

Adopt Without Debt was quickly added to my cart and *wah lah* Free Shipping BABY!

I’m sure that the book popped up because I had searched adoption a good number of times on their site, but the timing couldn’t have been any more perfect.  Last week when we mailed in our applications and I mentioned it was a HUGE step in the process, it was also a BIG cost.  We are blessed that we don’t have to pay for our home study until it is completed but we have been told that they typically only take 4-6 weeks to complete.  And that home study is the only thing standing between us and our referral so we plan to crank through it as fast as we can.

I am anxious to get the book in the mail and see what creative ideas it has.  Jeff and I have brainstormed (such a teacher word!) lots of ways we will cut back our spending (may be posting them soon) and have already begun planning ways to raise some funds.

Do you have any fundraising ideas to share?  We would love to hear them!

*all photos are from Amazon.com


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