Miscellaneous musings…

Lately, we have been busy collecting, ordering, and sorting t-shirt orders.  We had 18 items in our first order! 

I do believe that we got everyone’s orders filled without one mistake.  That’s a huge sigh of relief.  We rolled each shirt, tied them with a cutesy ribbon, and added a handmade thank you card.

We have since submitted another order for 14 items and are expecting the shipment any day now. What do you think of the shirts?  We would love for you to leave us a comment to let us know. The sale will continue through Saturday, and then we will make our final order.

It would be awesome if we could sell about 8-10 more items to reach the goal we set for this fundraiser.  When we threw the number out there, I thought it was impossible.  You all have made it very possible.

 In other news, on Saturday we had a chance to step away from the fundraiser for a bit.

We put on our dancing shoes and headed toward the Windy City for a friend’s wedding.

It was nice to have the forced time away and take our minds off of all things adoption for a little while.  Doodle is never too far out of our minds, however.

As all breaks do, this little day trip getaway had to come to an end.  Reality returned and so did our home study preparations.

We now have a fire extinguisher on each level of our home, as well as a carbon monoxide detector.

Our home study visit isn’t yet scheduled, but because I am the type A, can’t-stand-too-much-on-my-to-do-list kind of person, we made the purchases so that they could then be crossed off the list. 

We have submitted all of the paperwork required to schedule our home study visit and are simply waiting on the call to set the date.  If you are looking for us, we will be knee-deep in cleaning chemicals, up to our ears sorting and organizing our junk valuables, and practicing hypnosis on Briscoe in the hopes he doesn’t pounce on our social worker and scare her away before she discovers the skeletons in our closets. 

If we haven’t emerged in 48 hours, don’t bother to look for us.  It could be ugly.


One thought on “Miscellaneous musings…

  1. I love my shirt! You were right…so soft, and it fits perfectly! Of course I loved the teachery handmade card! Jeff…I bet that was your idea! AND…there are 2 orders on the sign up sheet I hung up at CE as of this afternoon. So you can count those toward your total!

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