I never thought…

…I would end up in jail, but yesterday I did.

It was complete with barbed wire fencing


 and lots of surveillance cameras.


I made my way to the building labeled Sheriff Office and entered.  I never really thought about what a jail would look like, but this wasn’t it.  I did have to pick up a phone and explain to the lady on the other side of the glass why I was there.  That was weird.  Four minutes later and I was out the door, not before I stopped to snap a few pictures of the adventure to share on da blog.

I was (and still am) having some difficulty getting my pictures to upload so I asked J Man for some help.  He walked over, took one look at the computer screen, and exclaimed, “You took pictures of the jail?  You took pictures of the jail?  I can’t believe you took pictures of the jail.”  Yes, hun I did. 

Let’s hope me posting them on this here blog doesn’t end with me back in jail. 

How about an update on where we are with the home study?

We have almost all of our paper work finished and submitted.  I will need to go to jail without passing go next week to pick up the aforementioned limited criminal history checks after they are signed by the sheriff himself.  We will send those in along with our notarized permission for the agency to run background checks in Illinois for us.  D Day Our home study home visit is scheduled for the week after next. Then I think all that we have left will be individual interviews with our social worker.  She will then compile a lengthy report detailing anything and everything about our lives.  It will go through her supervisor, us, and the adoption agency for edits.  Hopefully by mid-November this chapter in the journey will be completed.  It will be off to wait for our referral, get our immigration approval and fingerprints, and put together our dossier.  I think…


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