On the Horizon

While the coast just cleared, there is already more on the horizon.

What?  You might ask. 

The dreaded F word.

Parents, cover your children’s ears cuz we are talking the F word again.

You got it.





While the doom and gloom of a cold, rainy fall has set in in my neck of the woods, I am thinking about spring.  Spring and flowers and bunnies and sunshine yard sales. 

That’s where YOU come in.  WE NEED YOUR STUFF.  You know that stuff you have sitting around that you have been meaning to take to Goodwill.  The stuff that is boxed up the garage waiting for the yard sale you will have someday.  The stuff in your closet that you haven’t worn in 3 years.  The stuff in the toy box that hasn’t been played with in months. 


We are planning, not one, but two, yard sales as soon as the world thaws this spring.  We would like to have one here and one where our parents live (See Mom, I’m not allowing for any stalking).  In order for that to happen we need more stuff. 

We have this pile in our basement now.  

It is a start, but nowhere near enough.  This is your chance to help us without opening up your wallet.  We will even come and pick up your stuff from you! 

So, while you are digging out those fall decorations and stumble upon stuff you don’t want, think of us.  Think of Doodle. Yard sales have been the top money-maker for many adoptive families. 

Uncle Sam Doodle is counting on you!

I am not kidding about the whole “We will even come and pick up your stuff from you.” part.  Just let us know…


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