Are you smarter than a first grader?

I need a few more hours in my day.  In case any of you readers have a magic wand and can make that happen, I’d also like to request that those hours be filled with sunshine.  Please and thank you.

I need a few more hours in my day because I’ve got A LOT of reading to do.

I’ve finished reading this

and now I’m reading this

   but my hold list at the library looks like this.

This doesn’t even include all the adoption blogs I read.  Yes, they are important, too.  Just think of all the vast knowledge I share on here.  Your *schema  for all things adoption is developing by leaps and bounds.  I can honestly say that I have learned more from reading blogs than from any adoption book I’ve read.  The blogs often give the highlights of many of the books I have or will read.  I then read the book and go, ooh that’s what they were talking about. 

*(Do you know that word?  My first graders do!)

Then tonight while looking through books about the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) on Amazon (to then look up at our library) I found an hour-long documentary chronicling the life of street children in Kinshasa, the nation’s capital.  Talk about powerful!

Here is the trailer:

If you are curious about why there are so many orphans in the Congo, what the impact of the over decade long war is, or are trying to grasp what life is like there, take three minutes to watch this trailer.

The full video is available in 11 parts on YouTube.

Now I’m off to pick up my favorite highlighter (purple) and get back to my reading. 


One thought on “Are you smarter than a first grader?

  1. I have to admit that after I read Parenting your Internationally Adopted Child I sort of panicked. I read it after our two kidlets got home, and I started seeing “issues” everywhere. Don’t panic thought! It is an excellent book and has been so helpful to us with our kids.

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