A deal you won’t want to miss!

Well, it’s Wednesday and our candy fundraiser has wrapped up (pun intended).  We have 3ish days remaining for the 31 fundraiser.  Today I found a deal that you won’t want to miss. 

How many of you buy greeting cards for birthdays, thank yous, hellos?  I know I do!  How many of you can find a nice greeting card for only $1? I have an opportunity for you to do just that!

How about 31 cards for $31?….but WAIT THERE’S MORE!

For EVERY $31 you spend you get a Little’s Carry-All ($12 value) for only $1!!

Let me show you.  These 31 cards for $31.  It can’t be beat!

Check out the cool prints on the Littles Carry-All. 

It’s yours for $1 when you spend $31.  So for $32 you get 31 greeting cards and a fun bag to store stuff in.  The best part is though that you help us to bring home Odette.

Not only do we make 95% of the commission, but we have been so kindly offered the cash value of any hostess gifts we would have earned.  Your order just might be the one to push us to the next gift level and mean even more in our account!

Click here to order.

I never was and never will be a good salesman.  That was my best effort.  Hopefully you didn’t find it too annoying.

Lucky for you (and me) it’s my last pitch of the year.


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