The letter we never wanted to have to write

Dear family and friends,

We come to you today with the most humble of hearts.  As most of you are aware we are in the process of adopting from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  In October we got a referral for a three year old little girl named Odette.  On February 13th, she will legally be our daughter, but our daughter is sitting on the other side of the world waiting for the day when she can come home to our family.  We will be the second family for her, as adoption always comes from loss.  But through prayer and love for someone we have yet to meet we know, that while Odette’s life has been undeniably hard to this point, we were truly meant to be a family.  The two of us are overjoyed at the thought of being parents to this precious little girl.  It occupies nearly all of our thoughts and so many of our dreams.  We cannot do anything without thinking about what it will soon be like to be doing those same things with her. 

When we answered God’s call to adopt we had less than a fourth of what we would need financially to complete the process.  But we knew in our hearts that no obstacle is too great for God.  To do our part we have saved dollar after dollar, penny after penny and placed it into our adoption account.  We then organized several fundraisers, and we were amazed by your support.  Beyond that, several of you have gifted us with generous donations for which we could not be more thankful.

Today, we have just over half of what we will need to bring Odette home and complete the adoption process.   While at times we are overwhelmed with the fear of how we could make this happen, God continues to reassure us that this path is His chosen one for our family.  One of our favorite sayings is that “God will provide” and we trust that he will continue to do just that.

And now the hard part.  We have come so far, but still need your help.  Most of all we need your continued prayers and encouragement.  We have been blessed to have family and friends that care so much.  However, we would be lying if we did not say that we also need your financial support.  Large and small, five dollars to five thousand dollars; whatever you can give will go towards uniting our family. 

To give a tax-deductible donation, visit, or you can submit your donation through our PayPal button on our blog. (   

As always we cannot put our appreciation for your support into words.  Imagine for a minute that your family was separated and the ones you love the most were suddenly thousands of miles away.  To make your family complete again you would need someone else to pay to bring them home.  What would it mean to you to receive donations, large and small from others who care?  It would mean the world to you, we can tell you that, because we know. 

Most sincerely yours,

Jeff, Sarah, & Odette Alwine

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