Short, sweet, but full of emotion

I did it. 

Last night.

I knew it would probably happen at some point during this dreaded wait.

I slept in Odette’s bed.  She was feeling so far away.  I wanted to run, jump, and fly to her.  I knew I couldn’t.  I can’t.  Not yet.  So, I did the next best thing that this mama could think of.  I slept in her bed.  The sheets were crunchy from not having been washed yet. Her teddy bear fell on my face.  The satin pillowcases we lovingly bought to protect her hair aren’t really to my liking.  But, I slept in her bed, feeling just a little bit closer to her. 

And, no I didn’t turn the light off.


One thought on “Short, sweet, but full of emotion

  1. This is just precious. I have just started following your blog, as recommended by J from our agency. (Which is the same as yours 🙂 ) You will be in our families prayers, I enjoy your posts and watching your progress to your sweetheart!

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