Pulling it off

To say that we’ve gotten a lot of support from our friends would be an understatement.  A massive understatement.  Our friends have been there from the beginning with congratulations, encouragement, and prayers.  They have sent emails, cards, and texts.  They bought and helped us sell shirts, candy, and tote bags.  And a huge number of them have just handed over a cash donation.  (crazy nice isn’t it?)  They ask for updates, oooh and aaah over her pictures, and count down the months days with us.

When we embarked on this journey I knew we would need others to venture along with us.  I knew we couldn’t do it ourselves.  We never gave much thought into who would want to help.  We just prayed that somehow, someway we could pull this off.  I’ve heard too many people say they would adopt if only they had the money.  But, then I’ve read too many blogs of people saying that you can’t let that stop you.  I knew that God would provide.  We took the leap, and with less than a third of the cost in our hands, opened our hearts to the child we knew was out there waiting for us.

Yes, it’s true that as we round third and enter the homestretch to bringing home Odette, I reflect much more on how we got here.  We are really going to pull this off!?  How did we do this?


Friends that gave of their time, talent, and treasure.

Friends that made and sold wreaths.

Friends that organized and held a book sale.

Friends offering photo shoots complete with a CD

AND 10 x 10 canvas of your favorite shot.

Friends who created and gifted us with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, charcoal piece of art to sell.




That’s how we are going to pull this off.

{We are still trying to figure out the best way to sell that funky, cool artwork.  If you are interested in it send me an email nothinglefttopaint(at)gmail(dot)com  <—done to prevent spam.}


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