Showered with love

Last weekend a dear friend of mine hosted a shower in Odette’s honor.

 Friends gathered for the celebration.

Our lucky, little girl was showered in gifts.

We’ve actually opened and started using one of the gifts.

Ya see, for about a month now our dog has been getting up and driving us crazy in the middle of the night.  We think that he might sense that something is up.  I think he is wondering why in the world we are suddenly spending so much time in the room that sat untouched since we moved.  Friends of ours swear that their sound machine helps their kids sleep.  They take them with them on vacation even.  So when we were registering for the shower and spotted it on the shelf we zapped it with the scanner faster than you can say “God, I hope this kid sleeps!”

Let’s hope it has the same effect on Odette as it does on the dog.

Thanks, friends for making this mama feel so loved!

P.S. When I called today I was told that our i600 is “the third one down” and she hopes to get to it by the end of the week.  Back when I thought it would take 2 1/2 months for approval I prayed to have it by Easter.  Looks like that very well could happen!


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