One of two things

When the blog goes silent for a few days it means one of two things, either there is nothing going on or there is too much going on.

The recent silence is brought to you by the letter a the latter.  You see there is so much going on my friends that this blog got pushed to the wayside.  What, you ask, has taken over?  How about that this lady got her I-600 approval, really known as the I-797.  Furthermore, this lady has been told that she will most likely be with Odette for Mother’s Day.  Did you catch that?!  Like we should be traveling in the early part of May.  Like holy cow do I suddenly have a lot to do!

I am making lists of my lists and lists reminding of lists to make.  Crazy stuff.

It’s really happening folks.

Next step is Odette’s medical exams.  One will be tomorrow and another on Friday.  Meanwhile, we need our visa paperwork to quickly arrive in Kinshasa (capital of DRC) along with the medical reports for our embassy appointment.  I think I should know by the end of the week when the embassy appointment is.  From that point it is weeks.  Weeks people!  Not months!


I’m jumping for joy and freaking out all at the same time.

Oh and let’s not forget that our program coordinator will be visiting Odette soon and giving her the book we made for her.  I hope to get some new video, photos, and hopefully measurements.  I am most clueless about her shoe size.

The countdown is on!

P.S. I want to add that in the last week and a half we are up another $3200 from the garage sale and donations!  Be watching for an updated thermometer soon.  God is so great and is providing for our final stage of the process.


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