Out of the mouth of babe

Odette has been with us for about 2 1/2 weeks and has been home 1 1/2 weeks.  We wanted to update everyone on our time in DRC, but I know you all want to know how she is doing now.  I hope to post more often sharing with you how her adjustment is going.

What Odette says:
soso- chicken  She says this all the time.  Chicken was something that she had on a couple special occasions and when we went out to eat while we were in Congo we always got her soso because we knew she liked it.  She opens the refrigerator asking for soso.  Every meat that she is given she asks if it is soso.  She has plastic soso in her play kitchen and she keeps it in a special place along with lipa.

lipa-bread (see above)

Papa John- Yes, even after being home we still hear his name quite a lot.  We now really only hear it when she is doing something fun like playing in the bathtub, swinging at the park, etc.

Ko suba and ko sumba – This kid is potty trained!  We hear these words about every hour or so.  You can gather that she is eating often because she potties often.  Mommy usually takes ko suba duty and bestows ko sumba duties to daddy.  We’ve gone through more toilet paper and hand soap in the last 10 days then the 10 weeks prior.

Gubble Buppies- Bubble Guppies- For those of you that don’t know, it is a cartoon on Nick Jr.  Before we left for DRC we downloaded a couple shows on the iPad for her to watch.  I had a feeling then that we should have been more selective in what we showed her, but we were in a hurry and clicked the first thing we came to.

Meeska- Mickey Mouse a.k.a Meeska Moosa Mickey Mouse- the other show we downloaded and showed her on the plane

Odettey- How she often refers to herself

Tay- no  Just like all three year olds we hear that a lot

No- explanation needed?

Yaka- come

Fun ga la -open

Zee- Name she gave one of her baby dolls

Monga- Name of her other baby doll

baby- she loves looking at pictures of babies in her books


hot- One of the first words we really pushed her to learn



daddy- she says it with a cute roll of the tongue

Bwiscoe- Our dog Briscoe

Bless you – after anyone sneezes

Thank you

Up/down please

more please


bye-o- bye

hallo- hello

tinkle tinkle – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Kumbaya- The song

zolo, moto, niso, etc- names of body parts.  If we point to one and say the lingala name like zolo for nose and then point to another body part she will teach us the name

She is also very effective at communicating nonverbally.  She splashes herself to ask to go swimming.  She gives the thumbs up if something is good or fun.  She will rub her belly to tell us she is hungry or will pretend to eat.  She does the same for a drink.  The cutest is when she puts her finger in her mouth to show that she wants to brush her teeth.  I can’t forget the Congolese slow, single head nod for yes.

We take a lot of video of Odette when she is talking in Lingala.  We show it to her often hoping she will retain that language a little longer than she might otherwise.  She sasses in Lingala, sings in Lingala, cries in Lingala, and talks in Lingala.  If only I spoke Lingala.

We haven’t had any trouble communicating our needs or her needs.  We can usually figure out what the other is saying.  It is hard not being able to reason with her on why we can or can’t do things.  It is also hard not to know what she is saying when she is upset.  We have so much fun together, but I know that we will have more fun when we can communicate better.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of what she’s been up to:






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