Our Cocoon…An Update

Remember this post where I shared a letter to our family and friends?

We’ve been home 2 days shy of three weeks.  Yes, that is hard to believe!  Just like every other adoptive family it seems like we just got home yesterday and that it was years ago all at the same time.

Because of our cocoon we have been trapped within the four walls of our house and have maybe ventured out to play in the backyard, right?  Wrong.

You have permission to call me a hypocrite if you would like, but let me explain.

I’ve always thought it is a good idea to plan for the worst and hope for the best.   That’s what we did.  We read all the books, took the classes, and were ready to do what we needed to make it a smooth transition for Odette.  Honestly, I doubted we would need much of a cocoon.  For months we got pictures of smiley-faced Odette and reports of her being such a happy, love-seeking little girl.  I tried my best to push the sunshine and roses thoughts aside and remember that her world was about to rocked and nobody had any idea what that could bring.

While in Congo we went out and about with Odette.  We went to restaurants, the lake, markets, and grocery store.  Not to mention the crazy 30 hour and three different airplanes home.  We kept a very close eye on her to see how she was reacting.  All seemed fine.

Fast forward to us arriving home.  Two days after we were home Odette went out to the doctor’s office.  Followed by a run to Kroger Pharmacy to fill her prescription and pick up some quick groceries.  Another doctor appointment.  Needing supportive shoes.  Kid eating us out of house and home.  Grocery store.  Eyeing the neighborhood playground on our walks.  Trips to park.  Needing more kiddy silverware.  To Target we go.  Rubbing her belly and saying she’s hungry.  Trying out Chick-Fil-A.  Yelling hi to horses as we drive by the farms.  Testing out the zoo for a couple of hours.

One thing led to another.  She loves being out and about.  She pretends she’s driving to ask to go in the car.  She points to cart and asked to ride in it.  She gets excited when she sees the stroller being loaded up in the car.  She likes to be on the go.

We broke all the rules, but it is working for us.  It is working for her.  THAT is what matters.  Not research, not lectures, not what someone else did.  It is what works for Odette and that is we care about.

Here is a peek into our fun:


8 thoughts on “Our Cocoon…An Update

  1. love reading this :). being on the go works for us as well. it was difficult for us to cocoon seeing that both my husband and i work. plus we have large families who wanted to be with the kids as much as possible. we do have days where the kids need to be home and cocooned, but after two months of being home we know those days. So happy to hear how well odette is adapting!

  2. Apparently you’ve learned the most important parenting trick already…follow your heart. The Holy Spirit tells us what our babies need. You were most obviously created by Him to be her parents. So proud of you!

  3. Omigoodness she is a doll! I am so glad things are going so well. I know that sometimes kids come into families and have a hard time through no fault of their parents, but with you guys, I really feel like the preparedness has paid off. Your attentiveness to Odette’s needs is tangible. She is certainly thriving. I LOVE the picture of your mama/ daughter kiss. Keep up the good work, and no judgments here! You couldn’t see into the future; no parents can!

  4. I appreciate your honesty about your cocoon! it’s refreshing to hear a take from a mama this is willing to be flexible with plans. your little lady is so cute, and I’m glad she’s enjoying adventures outside of the home!

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those pics! love her looking at the giraffes, love the kiss for mommy, love the splash park pics!!!! it’s amazing how quickly and easily kids adapt isn’t it?!

  6. White bow, sunglasses, lollipop = Priceless! It seems like maybe she had a shot or something but her expression is saying “I’m too famous for photos.”

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