Open Wide

Last week we started talking to Odette about the dentist.  We read books to her to prepare her for what they would do.


She then asked every morning for over a week if she was going to the dentist.  She asked with the universal “car?” and finger in her month as a toothbrush.


Yesterday was the BIG day.  She sat there like a little angel.  They were awesome with her.  I was super happy that they were able to get almost all of the stain off her teeth.


I think her favorite part was the sunglasses and the gold coin to use in the vending machine.  She carried her little bag with a new toothbrush, toothpaste, flossy, stickers, and bouncy ball around with her all day.

She did ask as we were pulling in the parking lot if they would give her a shot.  No baby girl, not today.

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3 thoughts on “Open Wide

  1. LOVE the glasses in the dentist chair! LOL!!! Poor girl can’t go anywhere without thinking she’s going to get a shot! 😦 At least she will like going to the dentist! 🙂

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