What I really want to say to them


To all the people who tell me my daughter is beautiful,

First of all, thank you.  Yes I agree, she has a true beauty, not only on the outside, but within her heart.  The beauty you see is only half of it.


What I want you to know is that there are millions upon millions more just like her that need a family.  Some have her soft, smooth, deep, dark skin and others have a luscious tan or creamy peach color.  There are beautiful children sitting on lands on the other side of the world.  There are beautiful children down the road in your own community.  There are beautiful children everywhere in between.  They don’t need to be told they are beautiful.  They need to be an orphan no more.  Many have her big, bright eyes, but others have gorgeous almond-shaped eyes or eyes as blue as the sea.  You may look at my daughter’s face and admire how beautiful she is.  The child with down syndrome, cleft lip, or club foot is beautiful.  No less beautiful than the little one before you that you call beautiful.  There are children within their mother’s wombs in need of a family and there are older children who are only considered adoptable for a few more days.  You can make all the difference.  You can tuck beautiful into bed each night.  Beautiful is the child with HIV.  Beautiful is the child with a heart defect.  Beautiful are all of God’s children.  Step up.  Go get your own beautiful.


My daughter is beautiful.  The most beautiful thing about her is that our Heavenly Father placed her into my arms.


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5 thoughts on “What I really want to say to them

  1. “Step up. Go get your own beautiful.” I love it!!! And I agree with the above comment; thank you for continuing to share your journey with us.

  2. Sarah – Thanks so much for faithfully updating your blog. I love getting a peek at what life is like once home. And thank you for being honest. I’ve often wanted to respond in similar fashion when people commend us for adopting or, my favorite (insert sarcasm), that we “are saints” for pursuing adoption. You’ve given me ideas for some bold ways to respond in the future!

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