Friday Photo Dump

As all parents do, especially first time parents, I take a gajillion pictures of Odette.  Most of them are boring ole’ ‘she’s eating corn on the cob’ or ‘haha she put her shirt on backwards’ pictures.  None the less, I snap away.  In fact I’ve taken 1598 pictures on my phone alone since we pulled out of the driveway to head to Congo.  A lot of the pictures get posted to Facebook and I’m sure that it is becoming annoying to all my FB friends, so I thought I would put some of the randomness here.  (I got the idea from my friend Sarah.)  There aren’t elaborate stories behind the pictures, but I’m guessing you all wouldn’t mind some more glimpses of Little Miss.

Without further adieu…


Fun at the beach


Always loving on mannequins


Father’s Day donuts for Daddy


An artist at work


Found mommy’s tub


Being silly at the summer concert


Keeping busy while mommy showers

Happy Friday!

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