Lunch Language Lessons

Try saying that three times fast.

Today we took Odette to Taco Bell for lunch.  (I could defend our choice in providing sustenance in this manner, but who wants to listen to my excuses.  Junk food is ok every now and then.)

We explained to her that she was going to get a taco and rice to eat.  We went on to add that rice is loso and that earned a grin.  She’s had tacos before at home and likes them so I reminded her that it was kinda like lipa (bread) and soso (chicken-well not really in this case), and cheese.  (We asked for no lettuce since she picked off each shred at home.)

She was happily eating her loso and nibbling at her taco when she spotted that Jeff was eating something different.  He had ordered a boneless filet from KFC (it was one of those split KFC/Taco Bells), but was eating it all hunched over the box to avoid losing his lunch to the biggest lover of soso in the world.  She asked what Daddy was eating and he answered liso, to which Odette immediately raised her eyebrows and quizzically repeated liso? while pointing to her eye.  We about died laughing.  Jeff made a slip and instead of telling her he was eating loso (rice) he said liso (eye).  He did correct himself and say loso, but the mix-up was enough to allow him to eat the rest of his lunch without fending off a beggar.

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