Friday Photo Dump

Here are two that got left off of last week’s post.


One morning Odette grabbed a bowl (really a double boiler) and asked to cook.  As her sous chef, I gave her what she pointed to: Cheerios, flour, water,  and cinnamon.  She mastered the mixing and called it fufu (a traditional Congolese food).

And, how did I forget swimming in a friend’s pool?


(Odette’s swim cap is from Janie and Jack clearance if you are wondering.)

Onto this week’s fun…


We made the drive north to visit our families.  Odette loved hanging with cousin Miranda.


She was tuckered out for the drive south.


First trip to Costco


Goofy faces with mom


No, mom.  I’m not tired.  Why didn’t we go on the long walk?


Since the very first time I got to wrap Odette up in a hooded towel, I’ve called it Dettey Taco.  I think it is her favorite part of bath time.  She now wraps her dolls up in tacos, too.


Odette finally meeting and then saying goodbye and good luck to our friends moving to Germany for a year.  (Hi K,K, and A!)


We had family portraits taken on Monday night.  Even though the shoot was in the evening it was still over 90 degrees.  We didn’t want Odette to perspire through her dress so she rode like this in the car.


A sneak peek at the great shot Sarah got from Miss Unphotogenic- Seriously.  She was not feeling the pictures that night.


Watching gymnastics U.S. Olympic trials and trying out for the team apparently.


After begging each time we come to the park we gave in and let Odette climb the tree.


First parade-LOVED that they kept throwing candy at her


Sitting on daddy’s lap in the car watching her first fireworks

That wraps up our week.  We are off to the dentist today again for more x-rays.  They are looking for bone loss because Odette has two very slightly loose teeth.  I’m trying not to fret that this is the second doctor who has mentioned bone loss.  I am anxious to finally get into the international adoption doctor in a couple of weeks and hopefully get some answers.  If we find out more, I’ll let you know.  Her belly seems to have slimmed down some, but always seems very puffy by the end of the day.  I’m also working on putting together pictures and info for a hair post.  Lots of people have been asking.  I’m not sure how long we’ll keep the blog up, as our domain expires at the end of the month.  We’ve kept the blog up for a year.  Love sharing our stories, but would like to hide under the rock of anonymity again.

God bless,

Sarah Signature


5 thoughts on “Friday Photo Dump

  1. I love your blog Sarah! I don’t get to see you enough to hear all about Little Miss O! 😦 Her swim cap is ADORABLE and the gymnastics pic made me lol (literally – my husband asked me (from the other room) what was so funny!)! I’m glad she likes the Dettey Taco. Landon hates being wrapped up in his hooded towels after the bath. But he looks so cute in them! 😉 Hope to see you Tues! 🙂

  2. Just wanted to say how much you’ve inspired me too! In fact, your blog was one that inspired us to take the leap and begin our own adoption process (also at Wasatch) a couple of months ago. Thank you!

  3. She looks so good!!! Her tummy looks sooo much better! I am sooo excited for u:)
    By the way the costco pic is absolutely adorable:)
    And the sleping with sunglasses:) and the bath time:) aw who am i kidding i love all ur pics!!!
    My in laws are getting close to bringing their baby girl home and im getting so excited seeing your pictures! I cant wait till the day i am able to adopt!
    Thank you so much for your sharing and your minestry; you bless more than you know

  4. Keep the blog, I love reading about you and Odette, it helps me while I wait for my girls. You guys are an inspiration, but I totally get wanting to stop and be anonymous again too.

  5. How did she like the fireworks? I would be sad if you left the blogging world! I just found you about a month ago and you have completely inspired me!

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