Welcome Home Video

(Updated with both versions of the video)

With 2 minutes to spare on Odette’s 2 month Gotcha Day (July 11) I finished her Welcome Home video.  It took me several attempts to get it to upload to YouTube without crashing or being rejected.  And yes, I might have pathetically prayed at 12:30 a.m. last night that it would finally upload. With each upload attempt taking over 5 hours I was becoming very frustrated.

Anyways, here is it.  It is 25 minutes long, but I promise it is worth it.  I included lots of video of our time in Congo.  It is set to music so I don’t think it will work on cellphones or iPads.  I am working on uploading a version without music, so in 5 hours we’ll see if it works.  I’ll keep you posted.  Here is the link for the no music version

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to share our video.



11 thoughts on “Welcome Home Video

  1. An amazingly well done video and so touching… I have watched it numerous times and your daughter is so sweet! I forwarded it to family and friends because we are in the midst of our adoption and I thought it would really capture the journey well…..

    Thank you. Best wishes to the three of you! : )

  2. sooo… I have a question… would it be possible for you to send me one of the pictures in your beautiful video? I have been trying to figure out how to coppy it but so far it is to no avail

  3. Holy Moly! I just bawled my head off through that entire video! Sarah, what a great job you did of capturing every moment of your time in the Congo with Odette. Such a bittersweet time watching it though…over the moon happy for you and left me with an empty hole in my heart waiting for my little one at the same time. I loved watching every magical minute of it, though. Thank you so much for allowing me to follow your journey to Odette! I feel very honored and blessed.

  4. Sarah!!! What a great way to remember your special first moments as a family! Katie and I watched the whole video and we loved seeing Odette, Papa John, St. Anne’s, Kinshasa, and all of the singing and dancing at Odette’s orphanage. So wonderful!!! Hugs to you, Odette, and Jeff!

  5. Sarah I cried and cried and cried with happiness as I watched this. I was crying long before I spotted another special little girl who is near to my heart:)
    I told my girls as we watched it that mothers always cry at births. And this was your birth experience and it was so beautiful. I can’t wait for this birth experience myself. It is everymuch as beautiful as a physical birth.
    Congratulations again and thanks for sharing. Your blog helps and encourages so many!

  6. Sooo amazing and beautiful!!!! It really shows your giving heart too, to film so much of other babies and children:) i cried the entire vid- it is amazing!!! Thank you so much for you and your heart and for taking
    odette and everything you did and are doing! 🙂

    Pluss AMAZING extra bonus; theres a picture of my new sister that none of us had seen yet!!! We were extatic!!!

  7. Great video, the kids at my child care center just watched it with me. They are totaly into adoption and have a ton of questions about Little H and where and how she lives right now so the vid was awesome for them. Sweet kids, sweet vid and of course the star of the show, extra sweet. Congratulations again on Odette joining your family and thanks for sharing everything you’ve shared! It has been a true blessing to have found your blog when I did, this whole thing has been easier knowing that there really are other people doing this, and so well.

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