What you CAN do

You’ve read the statistics.  You’ve seen their faces in the video.  There are over 147 million orphans in the world.  We can’t bring them all home.  But, we can help them.

What you can do.  What you should do.  But, what will you do?

1. Adopt.  Plain and simple.  There is a need.  Do it.  Don’t make excuses.  Some of you reading this are to do just that.  Adopt.

2. Support a family that is adopting.  Send them a note, pray for them, participate in their fundraiser, donate money, share their story.  Help.  In some way.  You can.

3. Be a voice for the orphan.  Open others’ eyes to the plight of the least of these.  “Orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names.” – David Platt.  Share this blog (or any adoption blog) on Facebook to put a name to one of the millions in need.   Maybe you can reach someone who just needed one more “sign” that they are to adopt.

4.  Feed an orphan.  Simply, give your time.  Pack food to send to the hungry.  We’ve done this both through Feed My Starving Children and Kids Against Hunger.  If there isn’t an organization like that in your area then donate financially to one of these great organizations.

5.  Foster a child.  The foster care system in the U.S. needs families like yours.    Or offer respite care for a child through an organization like Safe Families.  (Side note: Did you know that there is virtually no cost when you adopt from foster care?)

6.  Sponsor a child.  Immediately upon arriving home from the Congo, Jeff and I discussed sponsoring a new child.  For about a dollar a day we are able to provide her with food, clean water, healthcare, and, when she is older, education.   There are lots of sponsorship organizations helping kids all throughout the world.  I looked at many, waiting for a child to “call” to me.  This sweet three-year old girl in Congo tugged at my heart.  I KNOW that many of you reading this have a dollar a day to give.  You do.


Take a few minutes.  Do a little research.  Find something.  Find some way to love.  There is something out there that is just right for you.

Family, friends, strangers…What will you do?

How about a challenge? 

I’ve been hearing it from all over.  Lots of you want us to continue to blog.  Several have offered to pay the domain fee even. (that’s not the issue, but thanks for the offer)  If FIVE people comment and tell me that they have signed up to sponsor a new child (with any organization) I will renew the domain and continue to blog.  Just let me know the organization you are using, child’s name, and the country. 

Do it.  Don’t rely on 5 other people.  Come on.  Many people who read this blog are adopting themselves and don’t have the extra money right now.  I’d love to hear back from family and friends.  You’ve told us we’ve inspired you.  Show us you are inspired.

Don’t delay our domain expires on July 30!

A few of the sponsorship organizations I know of:

AmazimaCompassion, World Vision <—our newest girl is with this organization, Tumaini, Food for the Hungry, Hope for the Helpless

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12 thoughts on “What you CAN do

  1. well it took forever but I have officially sponsered the Child I said I would but to complete the challenge, here are his stats;
    I sponsered through World vision
    He’s a little boy from Zambia (if you are suprised its not DRC, I am too! I’ve had my heart set the DRC ever since my in-laws began the process of adopting from there. God works in mysterious ways I guess!)
    His name is Silence.
    its amazing because everytime I go on the site to send him mail or something it tells me “Silence is in Zambia”
    His name is SOO meaningfull. I keep thinking of slogans from his name to get people more involved. like “when I SEE Silence, I hear the call”

    thank you again so much for challenging me to do this. I’m beyond blessed to even be a small part

  2. I am signing up tomorrow to sponsor a child throuh Amazima… have you read the book Kisses from Katie? I think you will love it!

  3. Thank you for this challenge.
    My husband and i will be praying about it the next couple days and i will let you know:)
    I so appreciate you and your blog and your no-nonescence approach. It is sooo needed

  4. I’m in the same boat as Lindsy, but I looked at those sweet, sweet pictures and will examine my budget once my little one comes home to see how to make it happen! Sarah, what a great call to action you have put out there for everyone.

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