Photo Fun

With the unveiling of our video on Friday, and posting my Sponsor a Child challenge yesterday, the blog has been without its usual load of Odette pictures.  I’m not sure if ya’ll (sometimes I think it would be fun to be from the south and get to say ya’ll all the time) are interested in our boring day-to-day pictures, but I know that the grandmas read the blog diligently and they can’t get enough of Miss Odette.

Here is a hodgepodge (learned today that is one word) of Congolese-princess fun.


Ice cream with friends visiting from out-of-town.  These 2 were some of Odette’s biggest prayer warriors.


Odette’s first fortune cookie. Appropriate.


All dressed up so Mommy and Daddy could do Godparent duty at precious baby Ryan’s baptism.


Painting a birdhouse to hang in the tree


Insisting on dressing herself


First trip to Chuck E Cheese with friends


Rediscovered her backpack and talking lots about Odette school


Wild bunch at our church’s festival

Don’t forget to take part in my sponsorship challenge.  One new child has been sponsored.  (Thanks Jen and Erik!)  We need 4 more or the blog will go dark.  I got this email reminder today.


One more thing…

Tomorrow Odette finally goes to the International Adoption Clinic.  Say a prayer for her as I’m sure it will involve a few needles.  We’ve got a number of concerns to address, with the biggest being figuring out a cause of her systemic bone loss.  Then there’s still the belly bloat that we can’t seem to shake.  I am very optimistic that the specialists will provide us answers and direction.

I’ll keep you posted,

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9 thoughts on “Photo Fun

  1. the family pic from the baptism is a great one! 🙂 have you had her baptised yet? i know you told me you went to the “prep class” at church. i’m sure i would have read about it and seen pics if you had! 😉

  2. I did it! I am sponsoring a child from Uganda. I don’t have any information about the child I sponsored yet, but I went through 😀 I am praying to adopt some day. Some day soon. God keeps telling me to be patient.

    • Thank you for your Donation to Amazima Ministries International

      MERCHANT: Amazima Ministries International
      DATE/TIME: 7/17/2012 7:11:26 AM
      SUBSCRIPTION NUMBER: Your monthly recurring Donation, in the amount of $25.00, will begin today.
      AMOUNT: $25.00
      RECURRING DETAILS: Your monthly Donation will begin today.

  3. We are going to do it!! We are going to sponser a child! I got the ok from my husband; i am so happy!
    He says i have to wait till the end of the month cause money is tight till then, but come the first we are doing it!
    I am going with world vision and i have a paper with about nine names on it. It is heartbreaking to try to narrow it down but i know i need to. I couldnt sell him on two and its probably wise. …for now:)

    Thank you again for this extra push! Its a wonderfull thing that you are doing:)

    I will give you a final name decision soon!

    • Haha obviously i ment to comment on your other post but you get the idea:)
      Sorry im using my phone and it gets things wonky sometimes lol

      • So actually it is 11 names and ive only been able to narrow it down to 10. How did you do this??? How did you decide??

      • I actually decided on our sponsored child because I thought she looked a little like Odette. 🙂 When we sponsored our first child through Amazima we just selected age and got assigned one. If only they could all have sponsors!!

        Thanks again! Sarah

      • Actually one of the ones on my list is there cause she looks like odette too:)

        But yeah, i agree; i wish so many more people would get on board. When you think about what we give up to do it (soda, a trip to the movies, an expensive dinner or a couple nights of takeout) it is NOTHING.

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