Friday Photo Dump

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I was going start by saying that we didn’t do anything this week, but then I went through the week’s pictures and realized that we did more than I remembered.


The final summer kids’ concert was the Dumpster Drummers.  I was a little disappointed that the show turned into a free for all with the kids beating away on assorted trash drums, but I shouldn’t complain since Odette clearly loved it.


She came home and set up her own version, complete with a keyboard (and Congo photo album).


Monday night was her first of 6 swimming lessons.  As you can see, she didn’t like it at all. Smile


On Wednesday, she fell asleep on the way to swimming lessons.  No, I’m not a torturous mom; she insisted on wearing the goggles.


Odette had the remainder of her blood work done on Thursday.  She’s got the idea of ice cream cones down.  You might remember her first cone?


She just might like ice cream as much as her mommy.


After watching us groom ourselves, Odette begged for a “cutta-cutta”.  We caved because we are suckers for her cute smile and got her a toy razor.  It made for Friday night bath time shower time a fun event.

I’ll leave you with this afternoon’s performance.

Happy Weekend!

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