A little wake up call

My precious, sweet, and beautiful 3 year-old daughter today held her arms up as if she was holding some type of large gun and said phew, phew, phew…in Congo mommy, phew, phew, phew. In Congo, where? Soldier, mommy, in Congo.

I knew Congo was a country torn with violence before we even submitted our application to adopt from there. Then we went, and I didn’t see any sign of the violence where we were. Odette’s orphanage was off the beaten path and it didn’t look at all to be a place where violence would occur. I was hopeful that her innocent, child eyes had been sheltered from the harsh reality. There was no tv or video games at her orphanage. She hasn’t watched anything other than Disney Junior since she’s been home. Where did this come from? Where did she learn this if it wasn’t first hand?

This was a wake up call that Odette lived a life that I can’t begin to imagine.

Thanks to Alison and Alan for sponsoring a child! That’s 4 children’s lives that will be forever changed! In the next five days I am looking for one more person to step up and take the challenge. Will it be you? I sure hope so!


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