Friday Photo (and video) Dump

Another week has flown by.  I want to sob when I think of only 2 more weeks of summer.

Last Saturday we ventured out to the county fair.  I wasn’t sure if we should give a shot or not, but when I discovered that there was no admission charge I was swayed.  Odette loved seeing all the animals she has been reading about in her books and seeing on her puzzles.


First taste of cotton candy.  It was a winner! Can you believe it was only $1?  My kind of fair.


Rockin sunglasses at the store


Odette had been asking to wash, wash, wash Odettey’s car, so we drove through the carwash one day while running errands.


Since mentioning the idea to Odette and showing her some pictures, she asks 52 times a day if she can go to Odette school.  In an effort to keep myself from going crazy give her a concrete visual we made a countdown chain.


She happily throws away a link each morning after breakfast.


We decided to make laundry day a little more exciting.


We even ate lunch in our fort.


We stayed in our jammies all day.


I think I am raising a future landscaper.  Odette will pluck leaves and flowers off our bushes and “plant” them.


I am often asked how Odette is eating.  She is a great eater and will eat just about anything we put in front of her.  Last night she had fish tacos.


Then she decided she needed some pilli pilli like Daddy.  (Pilli pilli is a Congolese hot sauce that we brought back with us.)


She eats it like a grown man, but this is always her reaction.

Anyone else as excited as I am about the Olympics?


2 thoughts on “Friday Photo (and video) Dump

  1. How are you doing Sarah?
    I noticed you deleted your “PAD sucks” post and it got me all worried that you were having a hard time.

    Its none of my business but i know that sometines it helps just to have someone notice

    Prayin for you

    • Hey Amy,
      That is so sweet of you! I am good. Just began to worry that it came across was a bit whiney. I didn’t want people to feel like they didn’t ask about me or do anything for me. I worried I sounded a little ungrateful. It would be different if so many of our family and friends didn’t read the blog. I really want to be honest to help others in the process, but it can be hard to balance. I think I will put it back up in a few weeks or so when it will be buried by other posts.
      Thanks for the prays. They always help!

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