We took the kid to Cin City

Cincinnati that is.


I was determined to get in a trip SOMEWHERE before returning to school mid-August.  We threw around Chicago, St. Louis, Nashville, but those were a farther car ride than I thought Odette was ready for.  Sure we could have driven 20 minutes to downtown Indy, but that didn’t seem like too much fun.  So on Sunday we piled into the car and headed east.


Our first stop was IKEA.  I loaded up on some fun stuff for my classroom and got a few Christmas gifts to tuck away for Odette.


I love their 99 cent kids meals. Odette and I each had chicken fingers and fries and Jeff had classic Swedish meatballs.


From there we drove to our hotel for the real fun of the trip.  We introduced Odette to jumping on hotel beds.


And then we checked out the courtyard.


Our little getaway involved lots of swimming.

Eating pizza in bed


Glowsticks in the bathtub


Free cooked-to-order breakfast


“Playing” games


Flying Pig loving


A little shopping


Eating ice cream for lunch


Hanging out at the manager’s reception for pre-dinner snacks


Carry-out dinners in our room


Lots of rides up and down the elevator


We all had an absolute blast.  It was so much fun to watch Odette experience many new things, and the family time was wonderful.

On the way out of town we stopped by Jungle Jims.  It is a grocery store like no other.


They carry tons of ethnic foods, but only dedicated a tiny part of one aisle to the entire continent of Africa.


Thanks for the fun Cincinnati!

Just a few days left to soak up the summer.

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2 thoughts on “We took the kid to Cin City

  1. We’ve never been to Cincinnati, but it looks like tons of fun! I love all the “naughty” things she gets to do on vacay that she might not do everyday at home! 😉 I have heard about Jungle Jim’s and I must go there!!! p.s. I need to ask you about that fishing game at euchre. Is it loud or fairly quiet? Looking for small, easy to transport, fun, but quiet things for Landon to do on our 5+ hour plane ride to CA and another 5+ hour ride back!!!! :/

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