Photo Dump (better late than never edition)

Do ya’ll like the photo dumps? I can’t decide.  They seem somewhat disjointed to me since they are random pictures of Odette throughout the week and don’t really tell a story.  Do I continue to them?  Ditch them?  Help me decide.


One day last week it actually rained!  Odette has been calling to the clouds for rain, so when the mysterious liquid started falling from the sky we went out to play in it.  She sang, she danced, and she stomped in puddles.  I drug her inside once she started shivering from being sopping wet.  We took off her dress, and I wrapped her up in a blanket to warm her up.


Once the second wave came through she was begging to go back outside.


We then skip a few days since I already posted about our trip to Cincinnati.  On top of that, Odette and I spent a couple of days this week at my school getting it ready for all the kiddos.  That leaves us with not many pictures for the week.

Odette misses her nap on days we work in my classroom.  Combine that with letting her stay up a bit later to watch gymnastics and it makes for one tired little girl.  She curled up on the couch one morning after breakfast and snoozed away as I cut out my laminating for school.


Our week reached its peak when Odette went for her trial gymnastics class.  We talked about getting her into gymnastics before she was even home.  It seemed like a good sport for a three-year old that was more fun than running around in a grass field chasing a ball (sorry to all you soccer lovers.  I just don’t get it.)  Then she came home and the doctor wanted her to build her muscle strength, so we researched gyms in the area.  I left the task to Jeff and the one he was interested in offered her the come in and see if she would like it.  You might remember that since first seeing the Olympic trials on tv she has been doing “nastics” all through our house.  I knew she would love it, but jumped at the chance for a free class.



We let them know that she was recently adopted and still learning English.  They assured us that they demonstrate everything and use colored mats for directions.  Odette is really struggling learning colors (Guessing it is because she has a hard time understanding that we are talking about the color of something and not the item itself.) so I was a little nervous about how she would follow their directions.  I think the picture shows…monkey see, monkey do.  She had no trouble at all.



Honestly, she did almost as well as the kids who have been in the class for at least the last 6 weeks.  She is asking to go back every day.  We are still working out finding a good class time for her, but hope she can start the next session.  This particular gym is not really in a convenient location at all and it will be difficult to get her to the evening classes on time, but the fact that nearly 50% of the girls taking classes that night were African-American, we will find a way to make it work.

Years ago I never imagined I would be factoring the color of kids in the class, especially brown-skinned kids, into my parenting decisions.  As a transracial family it is so very important.  Odette needs role models of her color and friends of her color.  She needs to know that she is not alone.  It is our responsibility as her parents to ensure that happens.

One last week of summer….

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3 thoughts on “Photo Dump (better late than never edition)

  1. I LOVE your photo dumps!!! They are always in my favorite posts:) its fun to see how Odette is growing and having fun and to see the progress you are making as a family:)
    Im totally a picture person!

  2. I love the photo dumps! 🙂 I don’t get to see you that often and love to hear what Odette is doing! So glad that she loves gymnastics! 🙂

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