Friday Photo Dump

A few of you shared last week that you like the photo dumps so we’ll keep them around for a bit.  My guess is that once school starts next week, they’ll be many fewer photos around here.

A little daddy daughter kabob making.  I love Melissa and Doug toys.  They have thought of it all.


Last Sunday I made just a little something to celebrate the final week of our summer.


Where is Odette?  She ran and hid after bath one night.


Since looking through more and more of her pictures in Congo, Odette is asking for her hair braided.  I’ve told her that when it is big (we keep the terms simple so she can understand) mommy will braid her hair.  In the meantime she likes to braid (more of a twist) mine.


Odette was back at the pediatrician this week for her well check and more shots.  We are at a stand still about the bone loss.  All of her labs came back good, but we go to another dentist on Monday for a second opinion.  It is looking like measurements will be taken regularly to figure out if her bone loss is progressing at all.  Her lead level is going down, so that is good as well.  We will continue her on iron supplements as that helps to counteract the lead.  We head back to international adoption clinic on the 21st and hope to hear even more.  Our pediatrician wants to refer us to a pediatric GI doctor for Odette’s belly if we don’t have any answers from the international clinic.


This morning was Odette’s open house at preschool, or is it daycare?  I don’t know.  It is where she is going for too many hours in the day, where I hope she will learn something and where I’m just not ready to send her.


She wasn’t excited at all. Winking smile


She marched in, dropped my hand and ran off to play.



I shed a tear as Jeff and I walked out the door.  I’m hoping that I quickly learn to trust that she will be well cared for.  I then went to my classroom and got a lot of work done without my helper and fought tears as I thought of her there without me.  I nearly ran down the hallway when I went to pick her up.  There she was sitting on a bookcase (?) by the door waiting for her mommy to come.  She didn’t look upset, but I was sensing that she was noticing other kids leaving.  I wrapped her in a hug and asked if she missed me.  I could only laugh when she said no.  She said she had fun, played, ate a snack, went potty, and sang songs.  We were walking out when she decided to needed to go back and get her nap mat.  She got one more goodbye from one of her teachers.


They said she asked to play outside, but that wasn’t for today so I let her try out the equipment before we left.  She is asking for “big” school since today was only “little” (half day) school.  As we were leaving one of the teachers told her that pizza is for lunch on Monday, so can’t wait to go back.



Look out world, Odette is ready to take you on!


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P.S. After I posted about others touching Odette’s hair, I came across this letter from Rory at Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care.  Jeff and I go back and forth about whether we mind this happening. (Odette doesn’t at all yet.)  I know it is a curiosity, but as Rory’s letter points out, she is entitled to her personal space.


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