And she did it!

Odette rocked her first day of preschool.  I think it had something to do with her adorable dress.


I had to be at school today for a teacher work day so Daddy took Odette to school (which will always be the case) for her first full day.  I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving without seeing her all dolled up for the big day.  I actually had to wake her up this morning to get her dressed.  She typically wakes up anywhere from 6-7:30, but by 6:45 I needed to get the show on the road so I could head out the door.  She moaned and groaned a bit as I loudly opened her blinds to awaken her.  I reminded her that today was big school day.  She crawled over to me and I got some morning snuggles.  Bestill my heart!  I treasured each second and snuck in as many kisses as I could.  First day of school snuggles might not come again.  (Wipes tear)  I got her up, dressed, and hair done.  It was then time to snap a few pictures to document the milestone.


I gave her hug and kiss and reminded her that I would come get her when school was over.  Being the mom that I am, I called Jeff when I had a break this morning and asked how she did for drop-off.  Apparently she ran off and wouldn’t even give him a goodbye hug!  So Odette and I was so not surprised.  All morning I thought of calling or emailing to see how she was doing.  I was going to be THAT mom.  Thankfully I talked myself out of it knowing how well-adjusted Odette is.  008

When I arrived to pick her up she was sitting at her table by herself.  Her teacher said she wanted to sit in her seat.  How cute.  I squatted down beside her and said her name twice and tapped her on the shoulder.  The girl completely ignored me!  When I became more persistent she walked away!  Well then.  She ran around the room and showed me where her water bottle goes, her painting of the classroom (which was a paper completely covered with purple paint), and asked to take her blanket home.  I chased after her and we said our goodbyes.  Her daily report shows that they read First Day Jitters, played outside, and painted a picture.  She ate some of her morning and afternoon snack and had 2 pieces of pizza for lunch.  I was surprised to see that she napped well.  It took her awhile to get settled, but napped for almost the entire 2 hours.  She must have been worn out!  I’ve never gotten her to nap that long. 011

She talked all about school all the way to the dentist and is excited that she gets to go back tomorrow.  We’ve highlighted school days on the calendar in an effort to show her that she will be getting plenty of school days.  The adoptive mom in me worries about our family attachment since she is now spending so much of her time away from us.  I am very thankful for the time I had with her and am praying incessantly that our bond will remain strong.  I am trying my best to remember that lots of kids don’t want to leave the fun of preschool.  It was a little blow when she ran and gave the dental hygienist a hug this afternoon though.  006

Day 1 down.  181 to go…

Tonight I was in awe thinking of how far my baby (I am allowed to call her that, right?)  girl has come in 3 short months.  I think it is worthy of a post of its own.  Very soon!)

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