Created for Care Retreat and Sevenly

Tomorrow is the first day of school for my students.  Normally I would eat a tasty dinner, soak in the tub a bit, and get to bed early, early so that I can wake up early, early.  (Of course this year this would only be once Miss Odette is in bed.)  My lunch would be packed and my clothes laid out.  Tonight most of that will happen once again.  However this year my head will not hit the pillow until the wee hours of tomorrow, as in after midnight.  I’m apt to be one tired teacher tomorrow.  Why, you might ask, am I staying up so late?  This is why.


Registration opens at midnight and it fills in a matter of hours.  I have wanted to attend this retreat since the first one two years ago, but the timing has never worked out.  Jeff offered for me to go last year as my Christmas and birthday present but it just didn’t seem right to spend money on airfare and the retreat when we were in the middle of fundraising.  This year I will be there.  I will have the chance to connect with other adoptive mommas.  I will have a chance to be rejuvenated and reenergized about adoption.  I will have a chance to learn from others who have walked this journey.  I will be there.  If you are an adoptive mom in any stage of the process I urge you to look into it.  Even if adoption isn’t for you and your family but you have a heart for the orphan and supporting others, join the fun!

I am so excited for this.  For the last two years I read all the updates and looked at everyone’s pictures with envy.  I am attending the January retreat and have already hooked up with another Congo mom to room with.  I would love to meet more of the Congo adoption moms out there, so sign on up and let me know.  Don’t delay.  Registration opens at 12:01 a.m. EST.

Another thing I wanted to tell you all about is Sevenly.  Sevenly is a cool organization that sells stylish shirts to benefit a different cause each week.  I bought the Feed My Starving Children (I’ve mentioned time and time again how much I love that organization.) shirt a few weeks ago and can be seen wearing it in our Cincinnati pictures.  This week the organization is as near and dear to my heart as could be.


Each shirt that you buy benefits Exile International, which brings “shelter, rehabilitative care, and trauma therapy to former child soldiers and war-affected children” in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  They have the 2 shirts above and other styles.  Each purchase gives $7 to the charity of the week.  Jeff and I will soon be sporting ours around town.


I think I better stake my claim on a cup of morning joe now.

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6 thoughts on “Created for Care Retreat and Sevenly

  1. I’m signed up for Jan too. I would love to meet you there! (and thanks for this post b/c I didn’t realize just how quickly it filled up. i stayed up late to signup too 🙂 )

  2. I’ll be up with you tonight and at C4C in January! I am loving the Sevenly shirt this week. If I hadn’t bought one two weeks ago I would justify it:-) I think our families should meet up at the Indy Childrens Museum sometime soon 🙂

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