Photo Dump

As I suspected, the start of the school year put a major damper on my picture taking.  Hopefully once we are in the swing of things I will be back to snapping away.  Here you have our week in photos:

Odette’s friends joined us on our walk.  (Before I look like a hypocrite, we do have brown dolls, also.  Odette just grabbed the white ones.)


Last Saturday we went to the zoo to get out and enjoy the weather.  While we were going to zoo weekly for a while, we hadn’t been in quite some time.  Odette was practicing her frog hopping in the picture below.


Jeff found this CD in the gift shop and given Odette’s love for music it needed to come home with us. It has songs from all over Africa.  Her favorite is Jambo Bwana.  She sings more of a jambo sana lyric, but loves it non the less.  Hilarious tidbit…in the song they mention Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie.  I laugh every single time.


Odette’s clothes all laid out for the first full week of school.  We’ll see how long that lasts. And sadly, most the shoes no longer fit her.  She’s a growin’.


Last Sunday Odette went to her very first birthday party.  She had a blast.  Her birthday was just 5 days after we arrived home, so she didn’t get a party.  Her 4th birthday party is apt to be a blow out!


I think I’ve mentioned before that Odette likes total darkness to sleep.  With her earlier bedtime now because of school she often pulls the blanket or sheet over her head to block out the light.  One evening I heard her door creak open and she so sweetly called downstairs, “Mommy, Odettey (<—love that) hot.”  She sure was!


Second day of preschool


Ya’ll didn’t think I was kidding about her sass did you?


Odette gave me a little tour of her classroom.  Here is her nap blanket, where her cot is placed, and her spot on the carpet for circle time.


My dreams of her being tired when she got home from school were busted.  She is so fired up.  She turned this cup into a microphone.


You know my motto for the blog, keep it real.  And, real it is.  By Friday night I needed these three things to help overcome my rough back to school week.


Make that 4 things.  A little fried ice cream was in order to top it off.


Hooray for the weekend!

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