Shaking off the dust

I don’t think that the blog has sat abandoned this long since we were in Congo and even then I’m not sure it was so long between posts.  Thanks once more for all encouraging comments.  I would read them aloud to Jeff and say “THAT’s why I blog”  Take a look at read through them.

But here we are lying around on a Saturday morning after the first full week of school.  I was wiped, friends.  By Thursday night, I did something I said I would never do.  I laid down next to Odette to read her books and sing her her songs instead of kneeling next to her bed on the floor.  Then I did what I hoped I would do, but before I was a mom said I never would do.  I closed my eyes and fell asleep right there next to her.  Because I wanted to.  It wasn’t part of some attachment plan or because she asked me to.  I held her sweetly in my arms, I breathed in her fresh coconut oil smell, and smiled as her soft exhales reached my arm.  On that night I didn’t lay awake stressing about the 89736 million things teachers stress about at the beginning of the school year.  I snuggled in next to daughter and truly felt the mother’s love for her child.  God is so good.

This week during the few times I was still awake and somehow found myself not busy with something to do, I thought about this blog o’ mine.  It’s been here through the ups and downs and I do think that this weekend marks one year since we nervously handed our family and friends our announcement folders.  I never dreamed that one year later we’d be sitting where we are and that this blog would have 199 200 posts.  (crazy coincidence that this one is the 200th).  Soon you will begin to see password protected posts.  I haven’t started to look into the process of making that happen, but I know it can be done.  What I also know is that sometimes I wish I could cloak my rambling with a touch of privacy.  I am excited that I will be able to do just that.  You’ll see an update about it when things figured out.

Be we all want to see some pictures of Odette, I’m sure.  So here is the weekly photo dump.

Last Saturday I played around with Odette’s hair to see what I could do with it.  I was able to make some tiny poofs.  Odette was on cloud 9 about it.  Her hair is only about an inch long (I go back and forth about whether it should have grown more in 3 months. I really want to take good care of her hair.) and is soooo tightly curled.  I have no idea how I will ever learn to braid it.  But I am determined that I will.  Thankfully, Jeff’s barber has a braider she uses for her girls’ hair, so when Odette’s hair is a little longer we will have her braid it for us until I learn.  Keeping it braided protects and promotes more growth.  I keep pointing out little girls rocking fros but every.single.time. I ask her Odette says “beautiful, no.”


Here she is flossing daddy.  We went to another dentist last week for a second opinion about Odette’s bone loss.  I’m so glad we did.  Yes, Odette does have bone loss, but she said it isn’t alarming, shocking, or anything we should get worked up about.  She explained that some people are very susceptible to periodontal disease and Odette must be one.  We now have a very strict teeth cleaning plan.  Brush and gargle mouth wash in the morning, brush and floss at night, and go for dental cleanings every 4 months.


Last Sunday I pretended to be Betty Crocker and whipped up from-scratch banana bread.  It combines bananas and bread, Odette’s favorites so she loved it.


Remember when I posted about our extreme nesting and Jeff cutting down a tree.  It seems the tree wasn’t ready to go and has been growing back with vengeance.  Odette helped Daddy cut off all the new growth.


We visited the international adoption clinic for a followup this week.  The best news is that we don’t need to return.  We left with a refill of her giardia meds, an order for a blood draw in September to recheck her lead level and something else that I forget, and no answer for her bloated belly.  He did say that her spleen has gone down and that her labs showed she has had two of the things that cause mono. While sitting on the examination table waiting for the doctor Odette said, “I’m gonna ask doctor.  Odettey ouchie?  No.”  She got her wish.


A little tee-ball with daddy


And the highlight of Odette’s week, GYMNASTICS with a legit leotard


At preschool Odette has been learning all about dinosaurs.  Here she is performing the dinosaur dance.

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4 thoughts on “Shaking off the dust

  1. Oh my! Her hair looks darling!! She looks so happy!! After the first six weeks, we are all in a routine here. Just keep holding on. Way to go mama!!

  2. I am glad you keep blogging! When I was in school I aimed for once a week to keep the grandparents happy. It is funny because although I had no problem plastering my son’s baby pictures all over the www, I now have some reservations about doing the same with my daughter. I think most people who read my blog and your blog are just innocent and curious. I think there are probably a few who don’t “get” me or my family and I question whether continuing to post for them will change their minds or just give people something to talk about. But I will read and enjoy and respect whatever you want to post. I had meant to log on to a computer just so I could comment on the last one, but I failed as a reader! You’re doing a great job with all that is on your plate. Odette is thriving in her forever family. Much love!

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