One of things I have struggled with throughout our adoption process and even more so now, is why we have been so blessed.  I know it isn’t my job to ask why, but I can’t help it.  Maybe it is because it is every third word out of Odette’s mouth these days.  : )

Why did we so clearly hear God’s call?

Why did He comfort us in our yes to His plan instead of ours?

Why did God lead us to the perfect (perfect for us) agency?

Why did we get a referral on THE DAY our home study was submitted?

Why was our referral for a girl when often times people wait much longer for a girl?

Why did family, friends, and strangers give so sacrificially to help fund our adoption?

Why did we not lose a referral like so many do?

Why was Odette protected from the many illnesses and diseases many kids in orphanages face?

Why was our paperwork processed faster than average at every step of the way?

Why did our process go so smoothly?

Why was Odette the first one to come home from the orphanage while others had holdups?

Why did we begin and complete our adoption faster than others have even gotten a referral?

Why did we have no flight delays, baggage issues, or troubles while traveling?

Why has Odette adjusted so quickly and easily? (This is what I say in retrospect.  During those first few weeks “easily” was not the word that came to mind.)

Why have all of our medical concerns turned into non-issues?

Why were we blessed with the most sweet, loving, and smart little girl?

Why did God decide that we have the honor of parenting Odette?

Why, why, why?

When I bring these up to other people I often hear that “it is a God thing”, or because you were faithful in your yes, or you were meant to be her parents, that’s why.

Yes, those are true.  It is a God thing.  I never ever ever doubt that.  But God loves ALL orphans.  God loves ALL who say yes.  Why was our story so different from most?  Most international adoptions, especially from Congo, look vastly different from ours.  The setbacks, hardships, and heartbreaks I have read about from others is unimaginable.  With each new hurdle I hear of others facing, my heart twists.  Adoptive parents are like a giant family bound by a common calling.  We celebrate together and we mourn together.  The difficult situations are theirs to share, but I know the pain is real.  I urge you all to get on your knees and pray.  Pray for the orphans, pray for the moms and dads, pray for the brothers and sisters, pray for the birth families, pray for the caregivers, pray for the communities, and pray for all the people of the country.  International adoption is beautiful.  International adoption is the gospel in action.  But, international adoption can be devastating.

We may never know the answers to our whys.  I’m learning to be ok with that.  As I someday stand before Him, I hope to see the world through His eyes and finally be at peace with all that He has blessed us with.

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2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. You are blessed, just be thankful:) We have also been blessed every step of the way (although 2 weeks until kids come home, but so far VERY GOOD!) and my heart breaks for those with lost referrals, long hold-ups, etc. He has blessed you so you in good faith will give Odette a sibling!!

  2. Why is Sarah able to write the perfect post at the time that I needed to hear it most? We do all need your prayers, more than some people will ever know.

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