Friday Photo Dump

Ahh. Another week is over and done.  I’ve always loved the weekends, but find that I am needing them even more these days.

Our week was especially lame.

Little Miss got some new fall boots.  She spotted some in a catalog and asked repeatedly for “pink boots for Odette.”  Daddy just can’t seem to tell her no.  Okay, so maybe I was one who ordered them, but daddy didn’t object.


Not naming any names, but somebody was not happy when it was time to go inside for a bath.  (And, no she doesn’t usually play outside shirtless.  She stepped out to watch Jeff mow and was quite disappointed that she wasn’t going to be able to supervise the entire job.)


This afternoon Odette took her last dose of yucky medicine.  Can you tell she was excited?  Maybe because we bribed her with the promise of ice cream when it was all gone.


Anyone remember watching Family Matters on Friday nights as part of TGIF?  When Odette came downstairs (shirtless again?) like this I thought of Steve Urkel and the good ol’ days of being glued to the tv on Fridays.


That’s all for now.  We’ve got a fun evening of frozen pizza and high school football to get on with.

Happy weekend,

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