Keeping up with the Kar…

No, not them.  Odette.  This is about me trying to keep up with the energizer bunny, also known as, Odette.

Most days Odette is up around 6:15 and will pitter patter into our room.  Other days I wake her up at 6:45 to get her dressed for school and do her hair before I’m out the door.  She hangs out at home with daddy and is at school by a little after 8:00.  She is at preschool all day doing that whole learning thing (and taking a 2 HOUR nap).  I usually pick her up between 4:30 and 5:00.  (The whole mommy guilt I feel by picking her up as one of the last in her class is for a whole other post.)  We make the 10 minute drive home where I am asked 735 questions or I am deaf from her requests of “Odettey music louder please.”  I park the car in the garage and just sit for as long as she will let me.  After about 12 seconds I hear “mommy all done”.  From the minute I climb out of the car I know it is going to be go, go, go.  I take one last deep breath as I unbuckle her carseat.

Odette comes home raring to go.  This was the fun that we had this evening:

Stopping to pull weeds on the way to the mailbox. (sorry no picture)

Emptying our pockets from the treasures found on the playground.


A “quick, quick timeout” after riding her tricycle to the stop sign and back.


Running full speed to daddy to greet him after work


“Watch mommy.  Odettey strrronnng” as she tries to climb the tree.


Reading books on the kitchen island while dinner finishes cooking.


Eating dinner, which is a half an hour ordeal when you eat 2 tacos, 2 helpings of rice, corn, and watermelon.  (oops no picture)

Then before the last bite is even swallowed Odette is asking what we will do next.  Tonight we had a bit of time before bath to play.  Odette assigned us roles.  I was dinosaur, daddy was napkin, and Odette was cup  (interestingly I was the only person not assigned as an inanimate object).  At some point before even leaving the table, holes were being ripped in paper napkins for the eyes and mouth and masks were created for both napkin (appropriate) and cup (?).  When the fun of those wore off, Odette climbed down from the chair and clung onto my leg as I cleaned up from dinner.  When the last dish was placed into the dishwasher we all made our way upstairs to play.  We piled onto our bed and roared and growled and tickled and zerberted and did those things that ya know dinosaurs and cups and napkins do when they play together.

Can I just tell you how tired I was as I drug my butt downstairs when Jeff heroically offered to take bath and storytime duty?

My evenings look so very different from what they did last year.  I fall into bed each night more tired than I remember ever being in my first 20 (cough cough) nine years combined, but I wouldn’t trade my new mommy life for anything in the world!

Well, maybe tomorrow I will ask to be the cup.

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