You know you are a mom when

you keep a tub of playdoh in your purse that you can whip it out when the need arises.


you are using your crock pot more in the last 4 months than you’ve used in previous years.


you choke down veggies you don’t care for with a smile on your face all for the sake of setting a good example (Jeff’s plate in this photo.  I personally love broccoli and cauliflower.)


you’ve traded in reading your favorite gossip magazines like People and UsWeekly for these.


you can recite every word in Goodnight Moon without even looking at the book.

the words “I need to go potty” coming from the backseat brings on your inner Mario Andretti.

(Funny aside…I asked Jeff to help me think of a famous race car driver that everyone would know.  He suggested Dale Earnhardt and I said I thought of him but since he is now dead I was looking for someone else.  Jeff’s reply, what’s his kid’s name?  Um, you mean Dale Earnhardt, Jr.?)

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