Friday photo dump

Trying out my WordPress app tonight so we’ll see how this goes.

Last Friday we took Odette to her first football game. Like with most everything, she liked it and has been asking to go back every night. Reminds me of those first few weeks when we were going to the zoo every 5 days. I didn’t know then that she would make that request of every place she goes. Live and learn I suppose.




Then on Saturday we had the big first birthday party for our friend’s boy, Luca.

It was there that Odette had her first Capri Sun. It was like her crack. We are no fun parents and Odette won’t be getting them at home but it was funny to laugh at.

She was also fascinated by her pink tongue from the red frosting on her cupcake.

Odette had her first experience at Steak N Shake. She is just like most American three year olds, always asking for hamburgers, tacos, and pizza. I promise we really do eat pretty healthy most days.

Odette is our little helper and “helped” us weed. While we pulled them she planted them. She is funny.


Daddy thought Odette needed to learn how to do a pushup like the cheerleaders do for touchdowns.

I’m slowly but surely trying to get a bit more organized. This is my new system to cut down the countertop clutter. Do you see which file is stuffed? And to think that she really is pretty healthy.

I am at my wits end with her belly situation. I just don’t know what to do. Both times she was on her giardia (yucky) medicine her bloat went way down and her poops seemed normal. Then after she is off it for 3-4 days we are back a square one. I am at a total loss. I know it is my job to be her advocate but I’m sick of calling doctor after doctor and trying to convince them that they are wrong. And I know that Jeff is sick, maybe literally, of collecting stool samples. Anyone have advice? Her pediatrician wants to send her to a pediatric GI doc but her international adoption doctor thinks that is unnecessary. The way things seem to improve when she on the medicine leads me to believe that she needs more of it but what do I know? There is a more effective and better tasting drug out there but I guess it is off the market right now. I hate feeling like my hands are tied. I certainly don’t like when people try to tell me how to do my job so I don’t want to treat her doctors that way.

But back to the pictures.

It’s Friday evening. Jeff has a work event so it was me and the kid. I put her in her new Ordinary Hero shirt and we went out for a mommy and me date. Loves those special moments with her!



2 thoughts on “Friday photo dump

  1. I’m a PA and used to work in gastroenterology, so here are my thoughts. When the good bacteria in the colon are displaced by organisms like giardia, it’s really hard to get the normal colon back into balance, even if the giardia has gone. All organisms will compete for space in the colon, and if there aren’t good bacteria left, it makes it easy for giardia or other bad colon bacteria to reappear.

    Probiotics (like the kind in yogurt) definitely help with that. You don’t have to even buy Activia — all yogurts have good bacterial cultures in them. Unfortunately, lactose intolerance is also very common in African children as well. See how she does eating yogurt for breakfast or lunch for a couple of weeks. If it doesn’t seem to be causing gas and bloating, keep at it for a couple of more weeks. Or if you want, you can get just straight probiotics at any pharmacy, but they can be expensive.

    If you want to email me, I’d be happy to answer more questions.

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