Friday Photo Dump

Squeezing this in while there are 24 minutes left in the day.  I pulled up the computer thinking that I’d only find 2-3 pictures on my phone from the week.  Turns out there were a few more than I remembered.  I think that it will be so fun to take all the photo dumps from the year and turn them into a book for Odette.

Here she is decked out for the first Notre Dame game of the season.  It seems she more of a girlie girl these days and asking to wear “princess spin” skirts.  The lighting in the picture is awful.  Sorry.


She’s always loved helping to cook.  On this night her job was to add cheese to our enchiladas.  As I would turn around to put it into the pan she would help herself to a snack.


I’ve noticed that Odette likes to play school at home now.  On this particular afternoon her students, Daddy’s and her shoes, were learning about the letter “O for Odette”.


My sous chef does an excellent job snapping beans.  Funny that none of them became a pre-dinner snack.


It’s taken a few weeks, but she has now mastered the bear crawl at gymnastics.


Friday evening waiting at the door for Daddy to come home from work.  She was consoling Briscoe that “daddy be home jusasecon.” (totally squished into one word)


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2 thoughts on “Friday Photo Dump

  1. Hi, I am considering adoption from the DRC. Any words of earned wisdom, thoughts on adoption agencies, etc? I would love if you had time to give me your thoughts.

    • Hi Laura,
      I wrote about agencies in this post. We used Wasatch and LOVED them. I would recommend you join Congo Adoption Families on Facebook. You will get a lot of feedback from a lot of people. Feel free to email nothinglefttopaint at gmail dot com with more questions.

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