Maybe it’s the teacher in me

The first time Odette laid eyes on her new mommy and daddy was in a book.

The poor kid can’t get away from books now. She has more books than she could ever want.  She likes books and likes having them read to her, but I wouldn’t say it is one of her favorite things to do.  We read at least 3 books everyday, but haven’t come close to reading a quarter of them because we reread her favorites.  Most of the books we’ve read have served the purpose of teaching Odette something.  I thoughtfully collected books for months while we were waiting to bring her home.  I thought I would spotlight some collections for you.

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but we even took books with us to Congo.  We brought the first words book below to talk to her about things should be seeing and using soon.  We also took a book about puppies to introduce her to the idea of having a dog at home.  I threw in a couple other random storybooks too to read before bed.  Of course at that point she had no idea what we were saying but hey, I would be one of those moms to read to her baby in the womb too.


We have 2 different collections of feelings books.  These are just some, but they have been very helpful in teaching Odette how to verbalize how she is feeling.


We did lots of reading of these back in August.


This is an assortment of some of them we’ve used as teaching tools.  Over the summer we were going to the public library often and would read about going potty, the dentist, parades, etc. I think that they made a huge difference in her first trip to the dentist.


Since we’ve known for years we would adopt at some point I’ve had quite some time to compile African stories.  We haven’t read any of these because they are longer.


Books to show diversity in the world.


Most of these books are tried and true favorites.  They discuss being proud of who you are and adoption.


Lately we’ve been reading these.  Should I mention that Odette is super excited about the idea of Halloween?


I am really hoping that Odette will grow to have a love of reading.  We even made this little reading nook in her playroom to help foster the idea.


If you are looking for more great books with some “color” (or gift ideas for Odette) check out Courtney’s post.  I wish I could buy them all!

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2 thoughts on “Maybe it’s the teacher in me

  1. I am finally getting to catch up on your blog a bit and found this AH-mazing video! How incredible that you have this rare glimpse into Odette’s preparation for YOU. Incredible. I still want to get our “Odette’s” together when everything calms down. I would love that!!!! 🙂

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