Photo Dump

I have very few pictures from the week.  Let’s just say that I was feeling like how Odette’s school shoes look.


Warn out.  Yes, I naïvely thought that these shoes would last us through the fall.  Lesson learned.  Three year olds are hard on their shoes.  No more cutesy sequin shoes.

One treasure from the week is this picture (cropped to maintain privacy) from a special adoption mama friend.  Earlier this summer Odette asked to color a picture for her beloved “Papa” John.  I mailed it to my friend to take with her when she traveled to pick up her son.  I got chills when the attachment opened and I saw the picture for the first time.  A little piece of Odette’s new world was back in Congo with the man who loved my daughter when I couldn’t.  While it was so difficult in those early days to hear her ask for him, I now understand that he taught her how to love, bond, and attach.  I will forever cherish this picture and the time we got to spend together as the 4 of us in Congo.


One of the many things that amazed my about the Congolese is the way they dress.  I seriously looked horrific while I was there.  I was a frizzy, sweaty, wrinkly mess.  They weren’t.  You would never know the poverty they lived in by looking at them.  You should have seen the heels on some of the woman walking down the road.  These, that Odette picked out for me to wear to her upcoming baptism and was devastated that I didn’t buy, would fit right in.


Odette’s room now has a touch of Halloween.


When this reading was read in mass today it struck me to the core.  I turned to Jeff and read it again to him and then got in the car and immediately read further.  I don’t in anyway think that I am anything spectacular for adopting, but it is a reminder that adoption is the gospel.

mass reading

“Anyone who welcomes a little child such as this in my name, welcomes me; and anyone who welcomes me, welcomes not me but the one who sent me.”  Mark 9:37

Then after mass, being the fun mom that I am, I talked Odette into playing school with mommy being the teacher.  We worked on our handwriting strokes, ESL flashcards, and tracing her name.



I hope to be back later with lots of picture of our day at the apple orchard on Saturday.  It is worthy of a post all of its own.

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