Finally the time

Ok, sweet friends.  I mentioned it awhile back but it is time to get the ball rolling.

Password protected blog posts are coming your way.

There is no big news to share.  There are no big secrets being kept.  I don’t even have an idea for the first protected post.  I do know that I need a wee bit of privacy and I’m thrilled I’ve found a way to do that.

If you are interested, shoot me an email (nothinglefttopaint at gmail dot com) and give me a brief sentence or two letting me know how adoption or Congo is a part of your life.  I know that our readers cover a broad spectrum, but the posts will be geared more toward those with a similar walk in life.  Thanks for your understanding.


5 thoughts on “Finally the time

  1. hi sarah,
    noelle (aka dorcas) should be coming home next month. i really love reading your blog, and would love to get a password.
    many thanks,
    hoerrner @ gmail. com

  2. I’d LOVE to be able to still follow your adoption/parenting journey! We adopted our first daughter domestically in 2008, our second daughter came home from India last November, and we are praying that we are able to begin our next adoption (from the Congo) after the beginning of the year! Thanks so much…your family is beautiful!

  3. My two girls are coming home from Congo in the next month. I would love to keep up on your Odette and life as balance and comparison to my own life with girls about the same age.

  4. My name is Leslie. We have adopted two children in the past (one in the U.S. and one from China) and for over a year now I have felt like we have another little angel waiting for us. I have done lots of research and I always return to Africa adoption. So I’ve been following your blog! I’d love to keep reading when you go private. Btw- I have a private blog also. If you’d like to be a reader, feel free to send me an email at

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