How (not) to make a Halloween wreath

1. Hit up your local craft store with coupon in hand and pick yourself up these things.


Straw wreath, pipe cleaners, fabric, tulle, fabric glue, and a little hat that you later decide not to use.  While there you might want to grab some black fabric, glue gun, and glue sticks since you will need them as well.

2. Notice that your sweet daughter ripped open the wreath wrapper so just go ahead and take it off even though you’ve heard many people say to leave it on so that it doesn’t make a mess.

3.  In the process of cutting off the wrapper accidentally cut the fishing line that is holding all the straw together.  Mumble some cuss words under your breath and become determined to figure out a way to rectify the wreath because you AREN’T driving back to the store today.

4.  Geniusly decide to wrap what remains of the wreath with saran wrap.  Holla.


5.  Wrap the wreath with the black tulle.


6. Realize that the tulle is too opaque for that plan to work.  Debate spray painting the wreath orange.  Shrug off the idea and leave it sit until tomorrow.

7.  Tackle the project again the next day by first undoing all the tulle wrapping from the day before.


8.  Scrounge around and find some old black fabric.  Cut it into 3-4 inch wide strips.  Don’t bother cutting it into strips actually.  You don’t have any plan of how to attach the fabric to the wreath so if you just have one long strip (complete with corners) you can just use the tuck method.


9.  Wrap the fabric around the saran wrap covered wreath.  Give a little fist pump to celebrate that you salvaged the 4 dolla wreath.


10.  Pick up the tangled mess that the tulle now is in and wrap the wreath again. This time the fabric covers the ugly straw.  Use the pin that was holding the price on the fabric to secure the end of the tulle.


11.  Now for the fun part.  I got the idea for this from Pitter Patter Art.  Love her blog!  Take 4 pipe cleaners and twisted them together to make a thicker and stronger wire.


12.  Bend the pipe cleaners to spell out your word(s) of choice.


13.  Cut 1/2 inch strips of fabric.


14.  Wrap around the letters and secure with a dab of fabric glue.


15.  Decide that the witch hat really is too big and question what you were thinking when you bought a witch hat to go with the word boo.  Scratch your head for a while and google fabric rosette.  Find a tutorial.  See how easy they are to make.  Then decide not to follow the tutorial because that many details are clearly not needed.

16.  Wad up the fabric, give a little twist, dab on some glue and call it a flower.  Go ahead a make three because somewhere along the line the rule of 3 has become the accepted norm.


16.  Realize you have no plan for you how are actually going to hang this thing so craft a hook on the back out of a pipe cleaner because they are sitting right in front of you calling, “here I am, use me.”


17.  Come to the next road block of how in the world to attach the pipe cleaner letters.  Decide to go downstairs and ask your husband for suggestions.  Turn the corner to see he is folding the laundry and tip toe away so you don’t have to help.

18.  Check again that you are in fact out of glue sticks and discover that there is a partial one still in the gun.  Score.


19.  Glue on your word and let it dry for about 20 seconds.

20.  Hardly contain your excitement as you hang your first ever DIY wreath on the door and call it a success.


P.S.  Odette is convinced the wreath is really an O for Odette.  Yes, sweetheart millions of people all over the world have an O for Odette on their doors too.

P.P.S.  I’ll be getting back to all of you who emailed about the password soon.

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4 thoughts on “How (not) to make a Halloween wreath

  1. It turned out really well! Enjoy reading your blog. My husband and I are adopting from DRC and are in the final stretch, we just passed the 30 non appeals period.

  2. Love it that Odette thinks the “O” is for her! Tell her I will be putting up my “Odette” wreath on my front door soon! (My youngest, Macy, still likes to think that the store, Macys was named after her…when she was 4 she announced that she was mad at Macy’s because they never sent her any money. LOL) Oh, really cute wreath, I may have to borrow the idea!

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