Yes, I will bribe my child

Remember when I mentioned on my hair routine update that Odette has been climbing into bed with us? Well I wasn’t kidding. She has been joining us every night in the wee hours of the morning for a couple weeks now. I think it started back when she had a tummy ache and we let her sleep with us. (Totally knew then it was a big mistake, but her crying and belly holding made her look so pathetic. The dramatics won this mom over.) It has turned into her insisting she stays with us after her middle of the night potty break. It was just easier to pull her up with us then fight her. For a few nights Jeff would walk her back to bed but be suckered into staying to “snuggle buggle.”

This mama decided enough is enough. I’ve been played for far too long. I did what every wise mom does and turned to bribery. Today after school we stopped by the gas station and picked out sweet, sugary candy. Odette hasn’t really had candy at all so she grabbed the wrappers that looked appealing.


We brought the candy home and had a tasty and enticing sample. The rules have been set. If Odette sleeps in her bed all by herself all night she gets a piece of candy with breakfast. Never in a million years did I think I would under any circumstance give my kid candy with breakfast.

I’ve learned a lot as a mom.

Never say never.



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