Squeezing in some fun

Our fall break was last Friday and Monday.  Between doctor’s appointments for both me and Odette, preparing for Odette’s baptism, gymnastics, typical weekend errands, and our social worker visit, I wasn’t sure we would have much of a break.  Thankfully Jeff and I are great at divvying up the duties (except he always has the honor of toilet cleaning duties) and we tackled the business just in time to squeeze in some fun.

We kicked things off right with a special treat of bubbles in the bath.  Usually, our baths are pretty quick, and I also don’t like to dry her skin out with the harshness of the bubbles.


The canvases from our July photo shoot came in (it took me forever to pull the trigger and actually order them) so we did a bit of pulling nails, moving artwork, and hanging the new.  Jeff’s not too sure about the near life-size picture on the wall, but I like them.


On Friday, Uncle Jim came to town from San Diego.  We had cajun for dinner and Odette thought it was like Congo food.  Odette LOVED having Uncle Jim as a playmate.  He even went right along with the tea party.


I decided that no matter how big the to-do list was, we were going to Zoo Boo on Saturday.  Jeff and Uncle Jim headed north to watch Notre Dame (Go IRISH) so my mom and brother (Uncle Nick, for those keeping track) took Odette to the Indianapolis Zoo.  Odette got to try out her costume for the first time and give trick or treating a shot.  She had it down by the second station!

I love taking her to the zoo because it was one of the first things we did with her.  I can make so many comparisons to those first few trips.  The little girl who had to be pushed in a stroller because her legs were so weak, ran all over the place.  The little girl who had never seen any of the animals before and had no clue of their names, named nearly every animal we saw.  The little girl who spoke a handful of English words, now has hundreds in her vocabulary.  The little girl that we had to keep a very close eye on because she had little more attachment to us than anyone else she saw there, now knows exactly who her safe people are.  So many celebrations!


Monday, daddy was back at work so we had a mommy-daughter day.  After getting the flu vaccine mist we stopped for a bagel.  How have I not known of the goodness that Einstein Bagels is?  072

We then ran out to get Odette some new jeans since the darn kid keeps growing!  I swear her legs will be longer than mine by the time she is 6.  To get her out of the store with buying everything in site, I told her we were going to the Children’s Museum.  Rookie mom mistake.  We drove all the way downtown to find out that the museum is closed on Mondays.  Odette was one unhappy camper.  She was convinced it was my fault because I stopped at another Whole Foods to look for pili pili chocolate bars (I have a fun update to share on those soon!).  I just couldn’t get her to understand that they weren’t open the entire day.  To make it up to her, I told her that we could make Halloween cookies at home.


I call that fall break success!

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1 thought on “Squeezing in some fun

  1. You guys do so much fun stuff! Can I come spend your next break with you?! Hahaha! I did not know the CM was closed on Mondays!!! Boo!

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