Month of Thanks ~ Day 2

Today I am thankful for the sweet strangers we meet in public who go out of their way to share with us such kind thoughts about our family.

We have yet to have anyone say anything nasty, but in actuality receive so many compliments from folks we don’t know.  This evening it was a 86-year-old woman named Esther who walked across the restaurant to tell Odette how special she was.  She and Odette had a tender-hearted conversation.  She shared that she is a great grandma and may be a great, great grandma soon.  She went on to add that she and her friend, David, were watching Odette for quite some time and that David (I presume with his wife) adopted a boy who is now 42.

Isn’t it amazing the joy strangers can share when they give just a few minutes of their time to someone new?  I think I will remember to try to be more like Esther.  Less like myself who nearly crawls out of my skin upon the thought of making small talk with someone I don’t know.  Maybe that is part of the reason why God gave us Odette, for tonight’s moment with Esther and all that I can take from it.

Somehow I wound up with a daughter that will shout across the parking lot, “Hi!  What’s your name?”  While it wasn’t Odette yelling that called over Esther tonight, I can’t help but think that maybe when I’m long gone Odette will be like Esther and warm a stranger’s heart.


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