First Halloween

Before we could celebrate Halloween we had to carve our pumpkins.  We couldn’t skip out on that fun.  Odette wasn’t so sure about touching the guts.  She did like snacking on the seeds daddy roasted.



Then after weeks of talking about it, the calendar finally read October 31st, and it was time for Odette’s first Halloween. She tried so hard to wrap her little mind around the idea and all the crazy American traditions. She went to the pumpkin patch, had a costume, attended Zoo Boo, went to a Halloween party, carved her pumpkin, and paraded at school. All that was left was the official trick or treating.

We started with a little snack to tide us over.


We bundled up in many, many layers.


Odette’s first stop was a friend’s house in the neighborhood around the corner.


When she realized the magic of saying trick or treat and getting candy in return, she ran off to show daddy.  009

I thought we would storm the streets for about a half an hour and then come back and pass out candy.  I forgot how slowly three year olds move!  We were out about an hour and made it to less than a dozen houses.  That does include a stop across the street, where the neighbors grill hotdogs for the kids.  We got home with a bucket half-full and let Odette pick three pieces of candy since she is three years old.  She picked all suckers.  That is really the only candy she knows.  She only ended up eating one and hasn’t asked for any more candy since.


Odette had her chance to pass out candy, too.  Most people told her to take 2 pieces, so I told Odette to give 2 pieces.  She turned 2 pieces into 2 handfuls!


Then it was time to try our Congolese Chocolate. One was dark chocolate with vanilla nibs and the other was pili pili.  Odette was excited to try to pili pili kind.  I had a little nibble and it was all I could tolerate.  If you’ve never had pili pili, it doesn’t have much flavor at all, but boy does it have a kick of heat!  Odette didn’t heed our advice and ate a decent size chunk.

First came the mmmm.


Then the fanning of her mouth and asking for a drink.  Don’t be fooled though; she was asking for more before she even set the glass of water down.


And Odette’s first Halloween is in the books on the blog.

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