Month of Thanks ~ Day 5

Anyone else out there doing the month of thanks (it is all over facebook) having a hard time thinking of just one thing a day?  I think of something and then think no that is too insurmountable.  Surely I think of something more worthy of being THE thank of the day.  I think and stew and feel bad that I haven’t mentioned x,y, or z yet.  Aren’t you glad you aren’t in my brain?  It is awfully crazy in there!

Day 5:  Today I am thankful for the adoption community.  I’ve said it before.  I’ve even said that they are who I blog for these days.  Truly, the adoption community is a lifeline sometimes.  Sometimes I feel like the only fish swimming in the stream.  Then they remind me that I’m not alone.  We are in this together.

It is because of the cheers and support of the adoption community, and more specifically the transracial adoption community, that I had the courage to give my fingers a work out and attempt “braiding” Odette’s hair.

As soon as she hopped in the car this afternoon she was asking for braids.  She hadn’t asked in a while, and even though it is on the top of my list to contact a local young lady, I certainly didn’t mention it to Odette.  I barely dropped my purse on the counter before she was pulling me over to braid.  You should have seen the look on her face when I explained that I needed to pull up a movie (youtube clip) to see how to do it.  She obviously thinks that I should just know how to do it, as I’m sure all the women in Congo do.  I watched, paused, rewound, played for a bit, twisted and untwisted, parted, pulled, clipped.  Odette just repeated over and over again, dis way, dis way, dis way along with hand motions.  Haha, if only it was that easy.

An hour and a half later, with numb fingers, a crook in my back, and frazzled hair of my own we had something that I could fake as braids.  They are really flat rope twists (big stretch there).  It was hard for me to pull her hair tight enough to straighten the curl as I twisted.  Then you have the fact that is her hair is only 2-3 inches long.  It was comical.  To me they look more like wadded-up knots, but she thinks they are braids, so I took a deep exhale, and thought about patting myself on the back.

Don’t be fooled though.  My sweet, sweet Odette did NOT like them.  She was mad that I only did the front of her hair.  She couldn’t really see them in the mirror and when she reached up she felt her free hair in the back.  Thankfully I pulled out her well-stocked hair totes and threw some snaps in.  I think the crown effect saved my butt on that one.

They aren’t pretty, but just like with attachment, this momma has learned to fake it til I make it!  I will be back at it!


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2 thoughts on “Month of Thanks ~ Day 5

  1. There is not many children adopted from DR Congo so that is how I ended up with your blog, which is very inspirational.
    I am planing to move permanently to North Kivu, DR Congo to make a difference in children like Odette’s life’s so everything DR Congo is on my mind, and I love to follow your daughters transformation.
    So, thanks for the blog.

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