My man

Once upon a time there was a man that I loved beyond measure.


He was my real-life knight in shining armor.


He treated me like royalty and fulfilled my every dream.



There was no possible way I could love the man any more than I already did.



Then he became a dad.  037038039

Not just any dad; the very best dad.


And somehow, while I thought it was impossible, I began to love him even more.

The end.

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3 thoughts on “My man

  1. I love the 2nd picture from the end where Jeff has his hand over his eyes like, “Aw man!” and Odette looks like she just hit the jackpot! LOL!!!!

  2. Just spent quite awhile catching up. Where in the world did Oct. go and now it is November. I seriously got tears in my eyes as I read about you not getting to be with Odette on the first snow. I would of been the same way. If it helps I have no pictures of Zalen carving his pumpkin. I trusted Craig to do it…and he was like I couldn’t find a camera. What?! 🙂 I also finished watching your Gotcha Video. I never watched the entire thing b/c when you first post it my internet was being glitchy. I was not prepared for the “flood” that happened as I watched it. So many things it brought back.

    Odette is beautiful and I love your updates. She is growing so much. I hope we get to meet up someday.. that would be fun.

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