All is well {except that it isn’t}

So a number of people have checked in with me to see if all is well since I haven’t blogged in a bit.  All is well.  Our Thanksgiving was a blast.  Christmas decorations are up for the most part.  Odette amazes us daily with her growing vocabulary.  My house is warm while the air is cold outside.  We have spent a ton of time lately just having fun as a little family.  All is well.

Except that it isn’t.

I can’t shake the thought of the horror taking place in Congo.  All isn’t well.  Families are being separated.  Women are being raped.  Small children are being handed automatic weapons and forced to be soldiers.

I could post the horrific pictures.  I could type out the statistics of the violence.  I could link articles and flood you with facts.  I’ve occupied a lot of time becoming informed on the situation.  It isn’t good.  Sadly, most of the world has turned its back Congo.  Why is that?  I don’t understand.

Yes, my daughter is home and out of danger.  For that I am ever thankful!  Let’s remember that millions aren’t home.  For millions that is their home, the only home they will ever know.

I knew that through our adoption we would be bringing a little bit of Congo into our lives and hearts.  I didn’t expect to leave so much of my heart behind.  My love for Congo goes far beyond my daughter and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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1 thought on “All is well {except that it isn’t}

  1. I feel the same Sarah. We sponsor a child from the Goma area who is now missing due to the war and they are still searching the children and the families. It just hurts my heart. I feel helpless but I am praying h.a.r.d that God will intervene.

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