The big catch up

Praise Jesus! The M23 rebels have withdrawn from Goma. There is still much fear that they will return at any time and eastern Congo is still in a volatile state. There is a lot of work ahead to restore a sense of order and peace. Please keep up the prayers.

I’ve enjoyed my down time from the blog. I’ve done more baking, cleaning, crafting, and other Martha Stewart type things snuggling, pinteresting, praying, and talking. Jeff was out of town for work a few days this week and that always wears me down. Props to all you single moms. While I was away from the blog life with Miss Full-of-Personality went on.

How about a giant photo dump to get you all caught up?


Daddy introduced Odette to pomegranates.


We delivered a Thanksgiving meal to a family in need.


We popped home to cheer on the Irish as they whooped on Wake Forest.


Odette did a little fall bike riding. Yes, she is ready for a bigger bike, but with winter around the corner she will have to wait for that.


We live on a corner lot and my favorite thing to do is string lights along our fence for Christmas.


Even Odette helped with the lights.

turkey craft

Odette brought home her turkey craft from school.



We celebrated Thanksgiving with both of our families.


We visited my very dear, dear grandma and Odette had a lot of fun playing with GiGi’s gear. Exercise band, grabber thing, and walker.


We had our family pictures taken by Claire. You’re welcome for the sneak peek.

silly in mirror

Odette and I sent silly pictures to daddy while he was out of town.


I busted out my telescoping lens and went paparazzi style at Odette’s gymnastics class.

Now, my friends, I think you are all caught up. Well that is, until I pop back to share our Christmas preparations.

Happy Sunday,

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1 thought on “The big catch up

  1. Loved all the pictures!! Looks like Odette had a great first Thanksgiving!! How fun is Christmas going to be this year?! We are still doing firsts since Zalen came home in Jan.

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