Dueling Duet

Last Tuesday was Odette’s “Holiday” program at school.  I think every single song included the word Santa, but alas it was formally called the “Holiday Program.”  Sometimes I think we are overly P.C., but that’s for another day.

An email came home explaining that Odette’s class would be singing the songs I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus and Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  She sang them in the car in the days leading up to the show.  She was precious.  We had been listening to Christmas music in the car since before Thanksgiving and she loved that she would hear different versions of the songs she knew.  We promised that she could wear her “beautiful baptism dress AND shoes AND headband” to the show.  She was disappointed that we didn’t mean to school that day as well, but thankfully after laying it out to change into after I was able to get her out the door for school.

The evening finally arrived and my little eater didn’t want seconds of macaroni and cheese and had to be nudged to eat her broccoli (which she usually loves).  After we changed into her dress she mentioned her tummy, but when I asked if it hurt she said no.  She was a little slow walking into the auditorium and I started to think that my outgoing child was going to clam up with nervousness.


When it was her turn to walk onto the stage she completely ignored my obnoxious shouts of her name.  Her head would flinch in my direction but she would NOT look at me.

018 - Copy019 - Copy020 - Copy

Do you see how hard she was looking to not acknowledge her mother??  I thought I had about 10 years before I needed to worry about that.


Did you think I was kidding?


And this is the look I got when she did make eye contact.  Love you too, sweetie!

028 - Copy030 - Copy031

Praise God that when the show began she was back to her usual self. The first song was I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. She sweetly sang every word and did all the hand motions.

034 - Copy035 - Copy036

038 - Copy039 - Copy

Note the unspoken look of competition from the girl next to her.

040 - Copy042 - Copy

Oh it’s on.

043 - Copy056057 - Copy059060 - Copy061066


Are you sure about this?  Let me charm the crowd first.



Oh no you didn’t!


So there you have it.  My daughter duked it out on stage.  At this point I was the one acting like I didn’t know her!  LOL.

Ok, so it didn’t really go down like that.  It was a playful duet as these two stole the show.

If you want to watch it in real time, here are the poor quality videos.

And like all celebrations in this house, it was topped off with ice cream!

ice cream

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